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Leoch International highlights CDCE2017 International Data Center and cloud computing Industry exhibition



20-22 November 2017,Shanghai,,an invigorating autumn climate,“"CDCE2017 International data Center and Cloud Computing Industry Fair” have a grand opening in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The Exhibition integrate the data Center Infrastructure、IDC and cloud computing, focus on data center construction, energy saving technology and enterprise cloud transformation service, welcome together with the industry end users the new opportunities and challenges in New era of Information Internet together

Leoch International Technology Co., Ltd. (E4T41 Booth) had a full range of exchanges with customers from the data center and cloud computing industry at the exhibition, focusing on the business layout, comprehensive strength, and new product technology innovation of Leoch International in the data center, and corporate development prospects. In response to customers' concerns about the use environment and advantages of various types of batteries, Leoch International also provided detailed explanations and analysis to enable customers to have a better understanding and recognition of Leoch International.

Through this exhibition, Leoch International will gain more understanding and trust, bearing more expectation and cooperation. Leoch International will continue to uphold the "customer-centric" corporate core values, go hand in hand and grow together with our customers.

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