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  • Smart Energy Storage System


  • Smart Energy Storage System

    Smart Energy Storage System

    Leoch Energy Storage system seamless integration to assist grid response, Frequency regulation,Peak shaving.

  • High Temperature Application Solution

    High Temperature Application Solution

    Air-conditioning systems in base stations are used to guarantee that the installed equipment will work under normal Operating conditions. Wireless facilities, transmission facilities, power supply facilities may work well under 40℃ ,but conventional lead-acid batteries which comprise the power supply of the whole system are sensitive to ambient temperatures and their service life is reduced quickly under such high temperatures. As a result, it was significant to develop a battery, specially for telecommunications, which could operate under high temperatures, saving energy, assisting in decreasing carbon emissions and offering increased temperature range and service life.

  • Battery Ground Buried Solution

    Battery Ground Buried Solution

    Suitable for solar communication base station, outdoor communication base station: harsh environment, sparsely populated areas; places with high ambient temperature; areas with large temperature difference, large temperature difference in summer and winter, big temperature difference between day and night.

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